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25 jan 2010

Hello Charlie Bear Collectors – hope this update finds you and your bears enjoying 2010.  I know the bears have all found great homes and are patiently waiting for siblings!

As promised I am enclosing the newest catalogue that I just received this weekend.  I apologize to all for the delay and expect that future catalogues will arrive in a more timely fashion.  The Charlie Bear factory is still backed up with orders and they are doing their best to get orders out as quickly as possible.  Since our bears are all hand finished – it is a time consuming job and one that requires constant attention to detail.  I know you will agree that they are well worth the wait!  

I know you will be as excited as I was to review the catalogue and see all the newest bears from the Fall Collection 2009.  Another job well done by the designers – it is hard to pick a new favourite - there are so many beautiful bears to choose from!   Just think – spring is just a short time away and the Spring Collection of bears will soon be unveiled.  More bears to choose from and fall in love with!  

I am thrilled to say that a partial shipment just arrived from England and I have included a list of the bears looking for a permanent home.  If you have ordered a bear and do not see it on this list please don’t panic – more bears should be here the first to middle part of February.

Just Arrived! Still on Order
Boo (a real little cutie!) Corey (Endangered List)
Ellie May (Newly Retired) Diesel
Reggie the Raccoon (Endangered List) Leo the Lion
Rosie the Dog (Endangered List) Reece
Tabitha the Cat (Endangered List) Woody
Tetley the Dog (Endangered List) Evie (Endangered List)
Kojak (A very popular grizzly bear) Paige (Endangered List)
Jodie (a smaller version of Gabriel) Simon
Seth (a beautiful black bear) Cheeky Monkey
Todd (Cute as a button) Malcolm
Talitha (A very Happy Bear) Ella (Endangered List)
Gabriel (An Angel of a Bear) Ellis (Endangered List)
Gracie (Another cutie!) (Endangered List) Freckles

In addition to the bears mentioned above I also have three outstanding bears coming from the limited edition Isabelle Collection.  These bears are one of a kind to me so if they interest you please let me know as I will be unable to get others – the collection is sold out!

Limited Editions Yet to Arrive Still in Stock at this Time
Marcia Ade (Endangered List)
Josephine Debbie (Endangered List)
Truffle Tiff Toff
Princess the Cat
Ashton (Endangered List)

We have just received word that the following bears are now retired.  They are honouring any existing orders however will not be accepting any additional orders.

Retired Endangered List (to be retired)
Alexander Ade Felix Noah
Ellie May Alfie Freya Odin
Elliot Anan Gracie Oscar
Ewan Ashton Harley Paige
Frankie Bo Bo Harvey Peter
Holly Bradley Honey Pip
James Charlie 2010 Imogen Reggie
Leia Corey Isaac Ronnie
Marty Courtney Jasmine Rosie
Mason Daisy Jay Sid
Mikey Debbie Jeremy Tabitha
Morgan Digby Joe Tetley
Primrose Ella Johnny Wellington
Stevie Ellis Kit
Wallace New Cell Lou Lou
Evie Macy

There are a significant number of really nice bears that will no longer be available and thankfully, there will be many new bears to take their place.  If there is a bear(s) that I have in stock or coming that you would like please call me.  I would hate to disappoint you.  When ordering, the company requires that we buy our bears in sets of three – the exception is the Isabelle Limited Edition Bears – they are purchased in ones (and sell out almost immediately upon release).  This means that it is difficult for a stocklist to do individual orders for bears that they do not have in stock.  They would carry two additional bears in order to meet a special order and special orders could take 2-4 months to be filled depending on the demand of that product.  If there is a special bear that you would like and it is not on my list please call me and I will see what I can do.

One nice thing about the Charlie Bear collection is that the new bears are also unique and different from the ones that are already released.  You will never find two bears the same – even from the same bear release due to the fact that each bear finisher has their own magic touch that they put on each bear.  You truly do own one of a kind with each bear purchase!  Each having their own “Personality”.

Huckleberries Café and Gift Boutique is closed for the season and will reopen in May.  Weekends only until June 18th and then daily from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm (possibly later on weekends and holidays).  The Charlie Bear collection will be available for adoption in the shop  during the summer season and during the off season by appointment.  We look forward to seeing you in our shop at 10 Main Street (up near the main set of lights) in Grand Bend.  Please come and peruse the great variety of gift items as well as Crocs, Forchino Figurines and Webkinz that we carry in addition to our bears.
Please call 1-866-778-8806 if you would like to see or purchase one of our lovely bears.  I look forward to doing additional business with you and thank you for your continued patronage.  It truly is a pleasure hearing from you and your experiences with your bear(s).  I enjoy passing along the stories and creating new ones with new bear owners.  It truly is a great job!

Until next time

Janet Carter
Huckleberries Café & Gift Boutique

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