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Your Charlie Bears Headquarters

Hand Made Charlie Bears

Bear Collectors With Exemplary Taste

High Demand And Limited Supply Make These Fun And Friendly Works Of Art Highly Collectible

"Bears with personality"

Charlie Bears was founded in 2005 by Charlotte Morris (Charlie for short) and her husband William. Charlotte believed that plush bears could be created that had individuality and personalities just like the more expensive mohair bears. The Bear House incorporated cost effective manufacturing along with top quality "Kohair" (a faux-mohair) plush, metal wobble joints, hand detailing and "the ruler across the eyes"  test (to ensure that each bear looks directly at you, to create a well made, unique, affordable stuffed teddy bear that is not mass produced.

Charlie Bears is still a relatively new company in the bear collector community (celebrating their 10th anniversary in November 2015) and has been growing in popularity with each new collection. Once you own one teddy - more will follow!  Not only are Charlie Bears a great addtion to any bear collection - they make a really nice gift for that special someone! Hugs are free with each Charlie Bear - a great friend and awesome confidant - they don't talk back! 

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Fully Jointed - High Quality Plush - Hand made Teddy Bears
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Charlie Bears AlbieCharlie Bears Albie
Charlie Bears AnneCharlie Bears Anne
Charlie Bears Aunt BibiCharlie Bears Aunt Bibi
Charlie Bears BarretCharlie Bears Barret
Charlie Bears BerwinCharlie Bears Berwin
Charlie Bears BessieCharlie Bears Bessie
Charlie Bears BillieCharlie Bears Billie
Charlie Bears Birthday Bear 2020Charlie Bears Birthday Bear 2020
Charlie Bears BobbleCharlie Bears Bobble
Charlie Bears BratCharlie Bears Brat
Charlie Bears CaboodleCharlie Bears Caboodle
Charlie Bears CarolineCharlie Bears Caroline
Charlie Bears CarouselCharlie Bears Carousel
Charlie Bears ChaseCharlie Bears Chase
Charlie Bears ClancyCharlie Bears Clancy
Charlie Bears DandyCharlie Bears Dandy
Charlie Bears DennyCharlie Bears Denny
Charlie Bears Egg CupCharlie Bears Egg Cup
Charlie Bears Egg ShellCharlie Bears Egg Shell
Charlie Bears ElmerCharlie Bears Elmer
Charlie Bears FionaCharlie Bears Fiona
Charlie Bears FlynnCharlie Bears Flynn
Charlie Bears FritzCharlie Bears Fritz
Charlie Bears GeronimoCharlie Bears Geronimo
Charlie Bears GlobetrotterCharlie Bears Globetrotter
Charlie Bears HoneybunchCharlie Bears Honeybunch
Charlie Bears Hunny BunnyCharlie Bears Hunny Bunny
Charlie Bears JeanCharlie Bears Jean
Charlie Bears KarlaCharlie Bears Karla
Charlie Bears KissesCharlie Bears Kisses
Charlie Bears LeeCharlie Bears Lee
Charlie Bears Lil RedCharlie Bears Lil Red
Charlie Bears LoganCharlie Bears Logan
Charlie Bears LoveydoveyCharlie Bears Loveydovey
Charlie Bears MarisaCharlie Bears Marisa
Charlie Bears MichelleCharlie Bears Michelle
Charlie Bears MillerCharlie Bears Miller
Charlie Bears MinikinCharlie Bears Minikin
Charlie Bears Mr CuddlesCharlie Bears Mr Cuddles
Charlie Bears OllibobsCharlie Bears Ollibobs
Charlie bears OonaCharlie bears Oona
Charlie Bears PamperCharlie Bears Pamper
Charlie Bears Parma VioletCharlie Bears Parma Violet
Charlie Bears Pawsome BookCharlie Bears Pawsome Book
Charlie Bears PenchantCharlie Bears Penchant
Charlie Bears PertweeCharlie Bears Pertwee
Charlie Bears PiranCharlie Bears Piran
Charlie Bears RoddersCharlie Bears Rodders
Charlie Bears RogerCharlie Bears Roger
Charlie Bears RouladeCharlie Bears Roulade
Charlie Bears SandieCharlie Bears Sandie
Charlie Bears ShelbyCharlie Bears Shelby
Charlie Bears Slow CoachCharlie Bears Slow Coach
Charlie Bears SlyCharlie Bears Sly
Charlie Bears TCCharlie Bears TC
Charlie Bears TootlesCharlie Bears Tootles
Charlie Bears UlrikaCharlie Bears Ulrika
Charlie Bears Woolley PulleyCharlie Bears Woolley Pulley

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