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Manufactured bears are not usually posable.  Most do not have joints in their arms, legs and heads.  If you choose to collect teddies - more sofisticated bears do exist.  Charlie Bears and Kaycee Bears are two such bears that offer you the opportunity to sit them, lay them down or stand them up (if they have filler in their legs).  They have metal "wobble joints" so you can move their limbs and head.
There are several ways to pose your teddies.
1) Lay your teddy down - cross their arms (paws) under their head and turn their head out - their legs can either cross at the ankle, lay flat or if they are on a shelf or couch one of their limbs can dangle over the edge.
2) They love to snuggle so put a couple of bears together either a smaller bear in a larger bears lap, two bears of equal size sitting side by side, One bear laying the lap of another bear, one standing and one sitting.
3) If you have miniatures - put them in oversized teacups/coffee cups, sit them in windowsills, on little chairs or benches - on an appliance such as a clock radio.  They look great nessled in the arms of a larger bear.
4) Back to back is another great way to display your teddies - slightly angled in toward each other
5) A slightly larger bear with one that is 1/2 a head shorter will lean into the smaller bear and look like he is resting his head on her head.
Don't be afraid to experiment with different ways to place your bears - worst case scenario - you won't like it and you'll start over!  Mostly - have fun!
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