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  1. Well our season is coming to a close - Niagara Falls Christmas by the Falls at the Scotia Centre will take place this coming weekend - this will be our final show. It as always has been a fun season. We have enjoyed our events and meeting our clients. Thank you to all who have supported us throughout this year - your are truly great people and we appreciate your continued patronage.
  2. Well our season is coming to an end shortly and Tick Tock has decided to prepare for her winter vacation. She will be travelling half way around the world this winter and expects to have fun! She will leave on December 23rd for Arizona - she is flying out of Toronto International Airport and will be landing in Phoenix Arizona. While we were at the London Doll & Teddy Bear show she decided to purchase a new hat for her journey. Thought I would share her picture with you. She also bought pajamas and a new dress to wear while she is away. Tick Tock will be posting her experiences on this blog and on our facebook page so keep in touch and see where she goes! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HuckleberriesGBGetStuffed

  3. Displaying your teddies

    As your collection grows you are going to be looking for new and exciting ways to exhibit (display) your treasures.  Here are a few ideas that you might find handy when determining what to do with your collection to enhance the display of the bears or simply to gain a few new ideas about different ways to show your teddies.

    1) Nesting your teddies always looks great - especially when you have wobble jointed teddies such as Charlie Bears and Kaycee Bears - you can have one bear standing (must have filler in his legs) and one bear sitting beside him looking up and down at each other.
    2) Fireplaces are a great place to have a larger bear standing on the hearth (not too close to the flames or heat) and another bear nestled into this bear - either laying down or sitting up - if you have several bears that will stand - mix a few different heighted bears together - this looks really great - at Christmas - put a Santa hat on one or two (do the same for other occassions).
    3) One of my favourite poses for the teddies is laying (lounging) on the back of a sofa, taking a nap at the foot of a bed, or dangling off of a shelf in a childs room.  They bring a smile to your face the way they look at you from this position!
    4) Don't be afraid to mix and match colours in bears - they do not all have to be the same colour - different shades of brown or black can look quite stunning!  A mixture of different colours completely also looks great together - theircharacter stands out when done like this.
    5) On occassions like Christmas - if you are a small or miniature bear collector and you have a railing in your home - mix your bears with Christmas decorations going down the railing (tie them on with ribbon) - this looks really great with greenery on the railing with the bears.  Also put them in your Christmas tree - half hidden so they peek out at you!  Potted plants could be another great avenue for smaller teddies (if they have limbs to sit on).
    6) I have a fairly large collection of bears of all different types and from all different artists that takes the place of honour in our spare bedroom - they love it and they look absolutely adoreable!
    7) Buy small pieces of furniture for them to sit in, ride on or stand beside.  This gives depth to your display and a little bit of whimsy!  We have a few fun pieces in our shop!
    8) Your bigger teddies love to sit up in a full sized chair as well - look around your room - you will be surprised where they will fit in an make you smile!
    9) Some of our clients have them in their sewing rooms and exercise rooms to keep them company.
    I have yet to meed a bear collector who doesn't have a warm heart - your bears will transfer this warmth to any room you choose to place them in!  Enjoy your teddies - life is too short not to smile everyday!

  4. Care of your collector teddy bears - these little gems are very precious to most so when they get soiled - wipe them with a damp cloth and allow them to dry thoroughly.  For day to day maintenance a good patting down (outside) to knock the dust off is good or a light vacuuming will keep them fresh and new looking for years to come.  
    We do not recommend that you use harsh detergents on your teddies - this will diminish their colours and the texture of their fur.
    Avoid bright sunlight as this will fade or damage the fabric that your teddy is made from.  We also suggest avoiding the use of perfumes or fragrances on your teddies as they may break down the fabric over time.  This may also diminish the value of your bear as not all collectors like or desire scented bears.
    Happy Bear Hunting!

  5. Just a quick note to update you on our travels Always the Travelling Teddy has been to Beeton Honey & Garden Show, Milton Street Fest and Auora Street Fest. Always found a new home at the Aurora Street Fest - a client fell in love and just had to have her - Always was very good about the whole situation - she decided to hang up her travelling shoes in order to have a stable loving home. We will miss her as we travel around. Look for a new Always the Travelling Teddy at the Hanover Ultimate Women's Show this coming weekend - she loves to say hi to all of our clients so come visit us at the show! Rember you save the taxes at our venues!
  6. Manufactured bears are not usually posable.  Most do not have joints in their arms, legs and heads.  If you choose to collect teddies - more sofisticated bears do exist.  Charlie Bears and Kaycee Bears are two such bears that offer you the opportunity to sit them, lay them down or stand them up (if they have filler in their legs).  They have metal "wobble joints" so you can move their limbs and head.
    There are several ways to pose your teddies.
    1) Lay your teddy down - cross their arms (paws) under their head and turn their head out - their legs can either cross at the ankle, lay flat or if they are on a shelf or couch one of their limbs can dangle over the edge.
    2) They love to snuggle so put a couple of bears together either a smaller bear in a larger bears lap, two bears of equal size sitting side by side, One bear laying the lap of another bear, one standing and one sitting.
    3) If you have miniatures - put them in oversized teacups/coffee cups, sit them in windowsills, on little chairs or benches - on an appliance such as a clock radio.  They look great nessled in the arms of a larger bear.
    4) Back to back is another great way to display your teddies - slightly angled in toward each other
    5) A slightly larger bear with one that is 1/2 a head shorter will lean into the smaller bear and look like he is resting his head on her head.
    Don't be afraid to experiment with different ways to place your bears - worst case scenario - you won't like it and you'll start over!  Mostly - have fun!
  7. The bears loved there trip to Ottawa this past weekend and fortunately some got new homes to go to.  All of the remaining bears are looking forward to their next trip (check our shows tab on our web site http://www.everythingplushandstuffed.com/shows to see where they travel to). Our next show is the Beeton Honey & Garden Festival (near Barrie) May 23rd 9am - 4pm Main Street. Come join us there! Meet "Always" our travelling teddy - he will be going everywhere with us from here on in - check our blog and twitter account to keep tabs on Always the Travelling Teddy!

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